THE RIVER CLUB (BMYC) – GENERAL INFORMATION & GUIDANCE (1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021)

General Information and Guidance – Please retain this document for reference.

1Access. Members are free to use the Club facilities at any time, once they have their Membership confirmed and are issued with a code for access to gates and door, the gate code must not be divulged to any non-member.

2Signing-in. Members are requested to indicate that they have been on site by signing in the diary, located in the Clubhouse, indicating time of arrival.

3Smoking Policy.  Smoking is not permitted on club Premises.

4Leaving the Club. Please be aware that if you are the last to leave, (or if no one is around when they leave) the Club House that you are responsible for ensuring that the wood stove is left in a safe condition, the rear window is locked, the front entrance doors have been locked and all sheds and changing areas are also locked.

5.  EnvironmentInthe interests of environment and for the consideration of others, it is important to leave the Club facilities (both internally and externally) clean and litter free and deposit all rubbish in the bin provided.

6Electric Boat Winch.  The winch is available for use but only after being instructed on how to use the winch by a competent Club Member. Your attention is drawn to the potential safety risks in the proximity of the Club winch and both adults and children should keep clear of the winch working area at all times.

Under no circumstances should anyone under 18 operate the winch.

7.  Children. For the enjoyment and safety of all members, we request the parents supervise the behaviour of their children whilst on Club property.

8.  Membership Year

(a) The membership year commences 1st April and ends 31st March the following year.

Fees are due by 31st March in advance of the new Membership Year.

Membership is for a full 12-month period and are fees are non-refundable or transferable.

(b)  Any Member elected after 1st October shall pay only half of the yearly subscription

9.  Membership Application/Renewal Form

All Members are required to complete and submit an Application/Renewal Form, on an annual basis.

We request that you provide: your contact details, which should include your address, email address and telephone number.     If there is a change of details please inform the Membership Secretary.

10.  Membership Fees  Payment is requested by Bank Transfer only, payable to the Clubs Bank Account and details are on the shown on the membership form.

11.  Berthing Space 

a.  Berthing space is only available to Members, if your boat and/or trailer is locked please ensure a key or a tag with your combination lock release number, is left in the Club House (Clearly marked with your Membership Number) to allow boats to be moved if required.

b.  Each boat should be clearly marked with the ‘Membership Number’. for identification purposes.

c.  Boats should kept empty of stagnant water, covers should be well tied and no personal contents should be placed outside the confines of the boat.   

12.  Safety Equipment  All Members are required to wear suitable clothing and are advised to wear life jackets when using their boats and comply with the General Information Guide.

13.  Insurance   Boats and equipment are left at the Club entirely at the Member’s own risk.

14.  Cancellation of Membership  A Member may give notice to cancel their Membership by contacting the Membership Secretary by email or in writing and then must remove their boat(s) and any equipment before the start of the next Membership Year.

15.  Removal of Boats

(a) If a Member has not renewed their Membership for the new year by paying their fees by 1st April, their Membership will automatically lapse and their boat(s) and their equipment must be removed immediately.

(b) If any boat is not removed by 1st April, then the club will give notice to the lapsed Member, by email and post to the last known address to inform them that their boat(s) will be disposed of.

(c) Any boat still left unpaid for or unclaimed by 14th April will be removed and/or sold by the Club.

16.  Annual Boat Registration Environment Agency   Members boats are required to be registered with the ‘Environment Agency (E.A)’, to have ‘Third Party’ Insurance and ‘E. A.’ annual boat licence.

17.  Member Support to Club Maintenance  It is expected that members leave the Club House and Grounds as they would wish to find it that is to say, in a clean and tidy condition.

Members are required to help with the upkeep of the Club as a condition of membership. (you must be prepared to give at least 4 hours of help per season)

18.  Video surveillance (CCTV)  The club operates a CCTV system in the club environment.

Viewing any recording is strictly controlled and will be only used in cases where there has been theft, damage or abuse within the confines of the club environment.

19.  Limitations of the Club’s general liability 

Members of the Club, their guests and visitors use the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club entirely at their own risk and implied accept that:

The club will not accept any liability for damage to, or loss of, property belonging to members their guests and visitors to the Club.

The club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the club premises, and any facilities of the club, or out of participation in any event organised by the club, whether sustained by members, their guests or visitors, or caused by the said member, guest or visitors, whether or not such damage could have been attributed or contributed to or was occasioned by neglect, default or negligence of any of them, the Officers or Committee.

Children, Parents and guardians are warned that the limitations referred to above apply equally to their children and wards, i.e. those under the age of 18 years.

Parent and guardians have the sole responsibility for their children at such times and accept when so engaged, the club cannot be expected to exercise supervision and control